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Objects of the Trust

The objects of Trust are as under.

(a) To impart all kind of education or courses according to curriculum prescribed from time to time by Gujarat University or any other University in India or abroad. 

(b)  To establish or take over school, colleges or other institutions of  education.

(c)  To prepare students for the degree or titles or courses for any kind of education.

(d)  To give scholarship or help or loan scholarships to students for any kind of education studing in India or abroad.

(e)  To help to poor and needy people in every respect so as to uplift their lives. This includes medical relief, educational help, housing facilities, legal aid etc.

(f)  To take all possible steps to overcome difficulties at the time of natural calamity or otherwise such as flood, earthquakes, riots etc.

(g)  Give medical help to needy and poor.

(h)  To solicit, obtain and accept donations to achieve the objects of the Trust.

(i)   To give or arrange for free advise for legal matters from professionals.

(j)   The Trust is open to all without any bar of caste or creed.

(k) To do all such other lawful activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects.

Glance at Activities :-

Promotion of education :-

‘Al-Ameen Lok-hit Charitable Trust’ with many facet activities works on state level with prime thrust on promotion of education among educationally backward sections of the society.

The Trust to accelerate promotion of education extends financial assistance to needy and deserving students going for higher education in professional courses,

The Trust is working on state level basis and receives applications from all over the state and the flow of applications is swelling year after year. The funds available don’t permit to give justice to all the applications.

The main reason for swelling of number of applications is the high scale of fees in professional courses colleges which is beyond the reach of average middle class family which leads them to approach ‘Al-Ameen Lok-hit Charitable Trust’ for financial assistance for higher education.

The present situation has another dimension also. Now people have started realising the need and importance of education for better tomorrow. The students already getting education have strong desire for higher education to achieve status in society and earn handsome income.

There is every reason to believe that awareness about education has certainly arisen among students and in the event of not getting admission in Gujarat they seek admission outside Gujarat in the state of Karnataka, Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi. The needy and deserving students seek financial assistance from the Trust.

All these factors make it imperative on the part of the Trust to collect huge amount of Zakat/Lillah to help all the needy and deserving students to carry on their studies.

Activities :-

(1)  Trust extends financial assistance to needy and deserving students going for professional graduation and post graduation and diploma courses in medicine, engineering, information technology, pharmacy, chartered accountancy, cost accountant, hotel management, computer science, bio technology, bio information and such other professional courses. During the course of its activities the Trust has extended financial assistance to the tune of Rs.127.10 Lakhs to 1383 students as on    30-9-2004.

(2)  The Trust extends financial assistance for coaching to students of 11th & 12th Std. Science stream with preference to girls. The financial assistance extended to 11th Std. students comes to Rs.9.74 Lakhs and to students of 12th Std. come to Rs.7.84 Lakhs and the number of beneficiary students comes to 228 and 180 resp. as on 30-9-2004.                         

(3)  The dropout after 7th standard is the acute problem faced by society and rate is alarming due to financial crunch faced by parents. The Trust has launched a drive under

which financial assistance is given to students to continue or restart study who have left after 7th Std. and to students who are likely to leave study between 8th to 10th Std. and as on 30-9-2004, 2511 students have been given assistance to the tune of Rs.11.54 Lakhs.

(4)  During current academic year the Trust has motivated students to go for job oriented Engineering diploma courses after Xth Std. The motivation is well received and Trust considered financial assistance to deserving students during academic year 2004-2005. The details in subsequent pages.          

(5)  As a result of the precarious conditions created by recent carnage in Gujarat many of the parents could not pay regular fees of their children studing in primary schools and it was likely that they may miss their annual examination. The Trust paid the fees of 2nd term to the tune of Rs.1.30 Lakhs to such needy students.         

(6) The promotion of education and felicitating excellence in education is the tradition of the Trust. In the year 2002, there were only 10 successful students of 12th Std. (Science) who acquired merit position among first ten in the district were felicitated under the joint auspices of the Trust and Mr. Zen Bhatia (USA) with cash prize and a citation.

In the year 2003 the canvas was extended to 12th Std. Science and General Stream and 10th Std. S.S.C. and 10 students of H.S.C. science stream, 11 students of H.S.C. general stream and 12 students of S.S.C. making a total of 33 students which consisted of 12 boys and 21 girls were felicitated. Each rewardee of science stream was given a  cash prize of Rs.2,000/-, general stream Rs.1,500/ - and S.S.C. Rs.1,000/- and a citation. These students got merit position among one to ten in their district. Further their achievements were given exposer on the pages of Sunday Supplement of ‘Gujarat Today’.

The Trust persued the tradition for the year 2004 and 36 successful candidates are felicitated with cash prize and citation. The details of students are on subsequent pages.



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